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Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.

Smoother You Laser Hair Removal we use is the Cynosure Apogee Elite Laser, which is the most advanced laser on the market. The laser has dual wavelength (Two Laser systems in One Unit).
The laser used on lighter skin types is the 755 Alexandrite Laser wavelength on skin types one, two, and three.

The 1064 Nd YAG wavelength can be used on all skin types (1 through 6)
This laser has different spot sizes which are used to treat both thick and fine hair.

The laser is attracted to the melanin of the hair (black or brown). Red, blonde, white, and gray hair doesn’t respond well to the laser hair treatment. The laser light penetrates hair follicular, and then targets the hair bulb in the active follicle and this disrupts the hair growth. Many times, multiple treatments are required for reduction. Usually a minimum of 6 treatments are needed for the body parts (body parts can be treated up to 6 weeks apart).

 A minimum of 8 treatments are necessary for the neck and face. (These areas can be treated approximately 4 weeks apart). The treatment can be slightly uncomfortable however most people find it very tolerable. Cold air is blown on to the area being treated to help minimize any discomfort. Ice packs may also be applied to the skin prior to treatment. We also have numbing cream and that needs to applied thirty minutes before the treatment ($35 per application/$150 for package).

Smoother You hair removal packages include two free touchups. Touchups are available to use within one year of the first treatment. Maintenance packages are available after the initial laser hair removal package has been completed.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal cannot be performed on hair over a tattoo. We ask that patients cover up their tattoos prior to treatment. We also cannot treat women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant (Our staff will follow protocol on treating pregnant patients, breast feeding patients and minors). Safety is our main concern.

For an ultimate outcome we consider hair reduction between 70-80 percent an excellent outcome. We want your outcome to have thinner, finer and less dense hair with the goal of hair reduction.

In preparation for your treatment:
* Please shave before the treatment area at home either the day your scheduled or the day before.
* All patients must refrain from sun exposure for 10 days prior and 3 days after (no natural sun, no tanning beds, no spray tan, no bronzer).
* We ask that patients refrain from Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, and Retinols (cessation three days prior preferably).
*All patients should refrain from Bleaching/Waxing/Tweezing (three weeks prior)
*In addition all patients must refrain from Photosensitizing Medication (two weeks prior - medical staff will verify).


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The Cynosure Apogee Elite laser can also be used to treat spider veins on the face and body. Spider veins are actually stretched out or dilated blood vessels that show up on the skin. The cause is not precisely known, however, weight gain, heredity, hormonal changes, excessive standing and pregnancy often play a role. Lasers are becoming more commonly used for the treatment of vascular deformities such as hemangiomas, colored lesions and spider veins. It does often take more than one treatment and several months to see the final result.

This method is as effective as sclerotherapy and a very nice choice for those who do not care for needles or didn't have good results from that method. The Yag wavelength is most effective for these issues. The laser light penetrates deep into the tissue to coagulate the dilated portion of the vessel because the wavelength is adjustable you receive just the right amount of treatment for you! 

The smart cool system that accompanies the Cynosure Apogee Elite minimizes discomfort. This treatment is also relatively quick. additional treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired results.

Being free of unsightly veins and hemangiomas is possible. smoother, more beautiful skin can be yours.

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R Rox Anderson discovered that it was possible to target the specific chromophore of Melanin (or pigment) in the hair using Laser Light. The laser light effectively destroys basal stem cells in the hair follicle preventing further growth. This method of hair removal was performed for 20 years before becoming commercially available in the United Sates in the 1990's. Here at Smoother You we use the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser which is very effective on all skin tones.This laser has two different wavelengths on it, the Alex (755nm) and the YAG (1064nm). Cold air blows on the patients skin during each treatment to ensure the treatment is comfortable as well as effective. Performing a series if treatments destroying 10-15% of the follicles each time produces a permanent reduction in the amount of hair that the patient has. Packages of 6-10 treatments are available here at Smoother You depending on the amount of reduction desired. 

Here at Smoother You Laser we go through a complete consultation process and review your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for the treatments before beginning. once you have been cleared for treatment and we have explained how everything works we will be begin your treatment in our comfortable salon bed as you lay back and we do all the work. Our technician will show you the laser and demonstrate how it works.